Data-driven course maintenance & agronomy solutions

Achieve continuous, never-ending golf course improvements


Empower your maintenance team with proven playbooks, processes, products and expertise. Our data-driven maintenance solutions will elevate your course conditions, golf experiences and member satisfaction.


Why choose Carr Golf?


You likely invest plenty in maintenance activities – time, resources, effort and expense. But do you still only see mixed results on your golf course?

Discover how our maintenance framework enhances playing surfaces, increases operational efficiency and maximises team productivity.

Golf course maintenance and development projects

Create a golf course your members love

With our total golf course management. We oversee maintenance activities, agronomic planning, supplier relationships, fleet upkeep, equipment upgrades, reporting suites, workload schedules, and more.

Create year-round agronomic excellence and course performance

  • Deliver pristine surfaces with tailored treatments 
  • Optimise soil moisture, structure and nutrient levels 
  • Achieve healthy turf growth with sustainable fertilisers
  • Implement pest and disease prevention measures

Make every round memorable with meticulous maintenance

  • Improve the speed and trueness of your greens
  • Enhance tees, fairways and approaches with precision cuts
  • Upgrade bunkers and roughs for playability and presentation
  • Analyse course data to improve maintenance results

Streamline your day-to-day operations

  • Our weekly labour hour models ensure sufficient staffing
  • Resource schedules guarantee cost-effective delivery
  • Daily task guides maximise productivity and cohesion
  • Standard operation procedures deliver consistent performance

Stay in the loop with smart reporting

  • We set key course performance measures and benchmarks 
  • Our superintendents provide monthly course assessments  
  • We generate performance reports within your IT system 
  • Annual reviews outline strategies for long-term improvement

Safeguard and expand your fleet

  • Scheduled services keep your machinery in peak condition 
  • Call our rapid-response mechanics for emergency repairs  
  • Access extra fleet and parts from our centralised hubs 
  • Use our cutting-edge maintenance machinery and tools

Enjoy peace of mind with one monthly payment

  • Fertiliser, bio-stimulants, fuel, chemicals, sand and seed 
  • Overseeders, top-dressers, aerators and mowers 
  • Course accessories, staff uniforms and safety equipment  
  • Machinery maintenance, expert training and reports

Hear from our clients

We work with member-owned clubs, multi-course operations and private courses.

What sets our golf course maintenance service apart?

What separates Carr Golf Maintenance Solutions from the rest? It’s our combination of science, expertise, accountability, and partnerships.


We base your course maintenance and agronomic plans on data-driven outcomes. No speculation – only measurable results. We test every inch of turf and every ounce of soil to help you achieve the best possible course standards.


Our team has 120+ years of combined experience in golf course operations. They are registered professional advisors in agronomic planning, data analysis, maintenance strategy, training, purchasing, and fleet management. We share our knowledge with your greenkeepers and course managers.


You can trust our methods because we provide in-depth, transparent progress reports. We track course performance, treatment plans, workflows, labour hours, and equipment usage. Together, we implement these insights to maximise your maintenance investments and efforts.


We are the largest purchaser of maintenance equipment and agronomic materials in Ireland and the UK. Our established relationships with leading suppliers guarantee your golf course always meets all product and sustainability regulations. All for one monthly invoice.

How we measure your golf course improvements

Game-changing golf course maintenance combines science and intuition. That’s why we track subjective and objective key performance measures against established benchmarks. Then we analyse your course data every month to measure improvements and inform decisions.

Objective Metrics

These quantifiable measures provide concrete data on course conditions.

Subjective Metrics

Visual observations reveal insights into course functionality and aesthetics.