Our Approach - Carr Golf Services



Proven approach to golf course maintenance

We’re driven by a desire to provide the best possible golf course standards and presentation. We have a framework underpinned by data and financial controls delivered by a team that we invest in and performance manage. These four key pillars are at the heart of our maintenance operation.

Our delivery framework is based on decades of team experience and expertise. In-depth agronomic planning provides a clarity of purpose and allows us to forecast weekly labour demands to develop the most cost-effective resourcing model to deliver high performing surfaces.

Improving the Golf Experience

We’re proud of our track record in improving golf course standards and presentation. Our data-driven approach enables a comprehensive client reporting structure, with bi-weekly site visits and weekly KPI tracking to capture and track surface performances.

Financial Benefits

Benefits of instructing Carr Golf go beyond improved course standards and presentation. Your golf club would join a portfolio of courses in Ireland who benefit from cash savings enabled by our collective buying power. We are the largest purchaser of fertilizers, chemicals, sand, fuel and maintenance equipment in the Irish Golf Industry.